Friday, July 20, 2012

Lookin' on Up

So when Bissell and I were in Ireland, one day while she was driving, I kept saying, "Look at those clouds." "Whoa, look at those clouds!" "Whoa, those are amazing." Finally, she said, "Keskie, I don't think you see clouds enough. Those are just clouds."

Well, if that isn't the saddest thing, right?

When I got back to NYC, I realized... well, that's just the dumbest thing. I work on the 21st floor. I could see clouds all day. I just wasn't really stopping I was on vacation. 

So since then there's been a lot of cloud pics on Instagram, a lot of blankly staring out the windows, a lot of looking up while walking. I have to say, cloud gazing is an amazingly peaceful part of nature in Manhattan. And to think I almost didn't know.

I was so excited to see this artist was inspired to create a reminder for others around the world to do the same. Pretty cool, Rob Sweere, pretty cool.

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