Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Favorites

First off, I must let you know. I totally scored on lunch today. I went for it. A turkey burger and a vanilla milkshake from Schnippers. Just totally made my Friday. Which is good because I was aaaaaa lit-tle bummed this morning after cheating on my coffee cart with someone's whose iced coffee was horrrrrible. It all about the simple things in life, ya know. Thus, my happy Friday favorites:

  This girl and her ukulele covers are so sweet.
Everything just sounds happier on a ukulele, right?

This weekend we're doing our annual tubing trip upstate!

wow. This lady.

This is the cutest thing. Ever. Ever. Ever.
"This is bad, bad, bad, bad."

Dammit. This is pretty cute, too.

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