Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just Jump!

You know what I feel like? I feel all the time like a cat on a hot tin roof.
Then jump off the roof, Maggie. Jump off it. Cats jump off roofs and land uninjured. Do it. Jump.
Jump where? Into what?

I feel like the weeks following vacation I have been a little restless. Like, "What next?" I should be doing something more. But what? I'm doing everything I need and want to do. But there's that little thing called uncertainty of the future.

Unfortunately, sometimes, I don't do well with this uncertainty. I would like to know The Plan. Because I like to know my goals are obtainable, and achievable, and usually, quantifiable. But the universe doesn't play that game. Then, my hippie self reminds me... isn't uncertainty is really just possibility? 

Because here's the thing, certainty is just an illusion. It’s not real and it has no real connection with how well things turn out. (And to be quite honest, I'm glad my present wasn't written by my expectations of the past. Wowzers. Thank goodness.)

 Anyway, this is a big step for me. And I just thought you should know.
Now you do. That's all.

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