Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Favorites

So, so ready for the weekend. This week, though enjoyable, has been a bit hectic work-wise. I'm looking forward
to a summer weekend with a little planned here and there. I'm hoping for a long relaxingSaturday morning filled with some leisurely coffee-sipping, some namaste-ing, some BFT-ing. And then, just seeing where the afternoon takes me. And Sunday a little time out at the beach!

Have a great one. xo, M

 Tonight Chrissy and I are going to have drinks on the roof of the Met.
I can't wait to overlook the city and the park, and see this exhibit.

 So last weekend, my Btown girls and I were chatting about metro-sexual men.
I love that apparently its not only a topic of conversation around the poolside...

This came on my iPod this morning. I forgot how much I loved this song.
What a great weekend starter. And rrrrepeat.

I'm still not finished with Season 4 of Breaking Bad, but that doesn't mean I'm not ready for Season Five to start. I love dodging spoilers. I only have a few more episodes to go. Which is good, because I know the guys at my office will talk. Thank you NYMag for this.

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