Monday, June 4, 2012

Traditionally Quirky

Margot Tenenbaum 

Richie Tenenbaum

It's no secret that I have a major creative crush on Wes Anderson. His quirky art direction. His take on preppy classics. All while pushing the envelope of dry humor and absurd character plots?! How can you not love? To see The Royal Tenenbaums is to love The Royal Tenenbaums. Like how much would you pay to see a dinner party between the Tenebaums and the Bluths?!

That's why I can't wait to see his new movie, Moonrise Kingdom. Who knows what ridiculousness Mr. Anderson has in store for us... Hopefully, its equally as absurd and visually engaging. If nothing else, we can always count on Bill Murray being Bill Murray.

*Also, a little fun fact about location scouting for The Tenenbaum house.

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