Thursday, October 3, 2013

Photo Dump: Portugal

Quinta da Branco. Our hotel in Madeira. Beautiful, post-modern masterpiece.
Set in the hills.
Vines fo' days. Their farming was so interesting.
No caption needed.
The best islands are created by volcanoes.
Sintra was this magical, fairytale town in the hills outside of Lisbon.
This is so good, you just need to wikipedia it.

Lisbon was gray and rainy.
Crazy, scenic walled town near the Spain border.
Hotel in Evora.
Capela dos Ossos in Evora. I suggest wikipedia for this one as well.
Afternoon walk.
Natural pools in Madeira.
glutonaria: "gluttony" in Portuguese
Monsaraz: only 150 inhabitants in this tiny walled town
Total tourists, basket sleds.

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