Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We love you, Baltimore

We loved Balitmore! Literally, I woke up singing Hairspray. And the weekend was just that good.
It was a great trip filled with lots of seafood, ice cream and side-splitting laughter. Seriously, my abs still hurt (from the ice cream, and the laughter.) Just wanted share some of the weekend...
You know, just some ladies eating ice cream on the waterfront
They didn't win. This is Birdland.
Camden Yards, you did not disappoint!
Stop it, already. Sky, we get it. You're awesome.
I decided if I can live in a studio apt, I can live on a boat.
Fits of Laughter, part 1
On the set, Baltimore Outdoor Bars
The cutest
I mean, come on...
Fits of laughter, part 2
Fits of laughter, part 3
Poor lil guy. Didn't stand a chance to Erin's mallet.
Charm city.

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