Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Five Favorites, Summer in the City

So, don't be jealous, guys, but my sultry Friday morning started with the melodic sounds of demolition, and the whistle blowing protestors to the hotel job site next door to me. This is the second week, and now there are two (!) giant inflatable rats on my block. Oh, God love you 39th and Park. Nontheless, I found somethings I'm pretty excited about... Happy Summer and Pride weekend!

I'm totally moving to the Upper West Side now. See you in September!

Summer is here. And that means I need to do some shopping.

With Summer, comes smells... this kills me. And I tell my friend's kids that Auntie Michele
lives in a far-far-faraway land like a princess.

So, Alyssa, Erin, Asti, Emma, Jamie and I
are hitting the train tracks this weekend and heading to Baltimore!! I'm so excited
to be an Orioles fan (Fancy Clancy, the cutest) for the weekend. I'm also looking forward to seeing
Camden Yards, and celebrating Jamie's new job offer!

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