Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Five Favorites, Creative Inspiration Edition

I think an essential part of creativity is taking breaks. Taking time to stop, look around, take in what life give us as inspiration. Today is my last day of work at Times for two weeks! Wha the wha?! So, here are my five things that are around this week that have me excited and inspired.

My friend/big sister Sarah was in town from San Francisco this week. And whenever big sis is in town its a real treat. The company is fabulous and the food is fantastic. This time we went to Craft. In the smorgasbord that was our dinner my favorite was the sorbet and dessert wine. Hibiscus-Lemonade, Rhubarb-Pink Peppercorn, and Mango-Honey with a light Riesling. I mean, Rhubarb-Pink Peppercorn sorbet?! Come on. Who thinks this way?

The Great Outdoors! The Hanley Family is in from Virginia and we're doing a big group picnic happy hour in the park this evening. Did I come to work with my picnic basket complete with cheese board and tea lights? Um, yes. Yes, I did. I only wish I had the time to make this.

I dunno, this picture. Because its amazing.

This workspace for artists and writers. Makes me wish I lived in Long Island City.
The Oracle Club, we get it. You're cool.

This link my dad sent me. Because somehow my mind can't comprehend next week I'll be in Ireland. So crazy. We have an rough outline what we want to do, but no set plans. I have already started planning what I'm packing, though. I want to do Ireland in a duffle. (More on that later.)
Have a lovely weekend, all!!! Enjoy!

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