Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mourning Commutes

This is a gloomy morning. Even my fruit stand man was quipping with people. Tourists were even more disoriented than usual. And I'm tired. (read: impatient.) And I hate my outfit. (read: completely weather inappropriate). We won't even get into my hair. The pity party would be too epic for this Tuesday morning. 

But even with all these factors trying to break my stride, this song came on and the commute was a little easier to roll with. This is crazy for two reasons. One, music changes everything. I went from Sad Commuter Michele to Michele playing the role of Sad Commuter. I felt like I was in the opening scene of Joe vs Volcano and I had to laugh. The second reason, Erin literally just said the Black Keys are the best commuting music ever. Agreed. Rock on, Tuesday. That's all.

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