Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

feliz halloween

So we had a photo contest at work and I asked my mom to send a couple pics from Halloweens of Yore. (Thanks, Mom!) Seeing as how I no longer participate in Halloween, I thought I would share the pics and perhaps they would be an edification on why this isn't my favorite holiday.

Findings: Apparently, around age 4 is when I peaked with the slutty devil costume. PS how scary is my cousin, Steph, in the first photograph?! Nightmares! Secondly, I'm wearing a yarn wig as a cabbage patch doll. I'm guessing it wasn't even cold in Texas. However, I did win the Custest Costume award in the contest at work for this pic. I mean, its a cabbage patch doll holding a cabbage patch doll. How could it not win?! Cabbage patch dolls were the jams. Happy Halloweening, folks. 

PS If you have kids, I need to see these costumes, ASAP, please!

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