Monday, October 14, 2013

Photo Dump: Fall Weekends Are Here

peaceful lake. well, actually, I guess its a reservoir.
peaceful reservoir
this is string, y'all... And it was so beautiful.
Tibetan alter at the Tibet House US
memories of home
slightly out of focus. but love it nonetheless. cheers to queso!
surprising wins all around
closing night of NY Film Fest/BFF date night

I hope you all had a lovely relaxing fall weekend. My heart was set on a cold, dreary weekend. Call me crazy, but I just wanted mellow. Because, sadly, its official... I'm in that cold weather mode already. Where all I want to do cook stuff with sage, drink red wine, watch old movies and do creative projects at home. But in the interest of not be a complete recluse to the world (slash) also to get out there and experience the gorgeous weather we had here on the island, I put on my running shoes, I put on my burnt orange, and I put on entirely too much lip gloss and headed out for a great weekend of Central Park, UT football, and NY Film Festival, respectively. (Longest run-on sentence ever.)

Just to do a quick synopsis: after going to a lecture at the Tibet House, I must go to Tibet. The Longhorns did it, they really did it. There was queso. There was blue bell. It was amazing. The movie Her, while an interesting concept was yet another little too lengthy film by Spike Jonze. I'm sorry, Spike. And I can barely move after my runs. 

Sooooo, here's to starting off the week with my favorite number...

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