Thursday, October 31, 2013

Beauty in the Ballet

You know Ballet Slippers isn't just my favorite Essie nail polish. I love me some time with those pointy shoes. So when I saw that Matthew Bourne was doing his take on Sleeping Beauty, I twisted Erin's arm to go. (Really I just asked.)

I'd seen his Swan Lake which was so captivating in its strength, beauty and uniqueness that I had to see what he would do with the story of Sleeping Beauty, which subsequently both Erin and I could not remember and had to wikipedia during intermission. Its amazing how you can really get your Disney princesses turned around.

The performance did not disappoint. His interpretation was beautiful, dark and rich. The prima that played Sleeping Beauty was unnaturally breathtaking in her movements. And there was a just moment where I stopped and realized the night couldn't be better... just a Wednesday night sitting with one of my best friends, listening to some Tchaikovsky (whom she loves), watching something magical happen.

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