Monday, February 25, 2013

Unsolicated Red Carpet Commentary

Watching the red carpet has always been my favorite element of the Oscars (that was until I saw Chrissy loose this year. Now that's my favorite). And not that I know anything about fashion, especially "forward-thinking" fashion, but here's my five second opinion (as I type in an outfit brought to you by the GAP and Urban Outfitters):

JHud, love you in the dress, that color is bellissima. Not sure about the shoes, though. Halle, we know you are crazy. You have to be. But, gah, you know what to do with that bod. I love the pattern play. Kerry Washington, you can do no wrong in my eyes. None. Ever. Ditto for you, Jess. Always simply gorgeous. Sally, so romantic and I love that red. Mary Todd would be so jealous. But she would likely ordered that dress in five shades of black and steal your earrings. Because she was crazy, you know. I don't even know how you are, last girl on the right, but I love the color of your dress and that sweet little belt.

Worst?! Well, I can't believe Anne Hathaway stole a prom dress from the set of She's All That. To have that sort of foresight in 1999. Well, its impressive.  And that's quite possibly the nicest thing you'll hear me (or anyone else) say about Anne Hathaway.

I look forward to hearing how I'm wrong. Erin...

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