Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend Schmoozefest

Well, the ballot is in. Literally. I just submitted my Oscar ballot at work. It's a mix of knowledgeable projections from experts (Life of Pi) and bad decisions made with my heart (a lot o' Lincoln). So, in fact, my 2013 Oscar ballot is much like my life.

One thing I'm 100% on is our sixth annual Oscar party. Complete with smacktalk, likely too much wine, and this year, a Best Picture Themed Potluck. I'm super excited to see what we end up with since the fare could potentially be Southern/Indian/French/Philly fusion?

And speaking of events with gowns, I also have my MRI tomorrow. So please, please throw out some prayers, positive thoughts, pennies into fountains, whatever that is needed, to bring some clarity to this situation. I'm kinnnnndddaa ready to move on already.

Hope you and yours have a lovely weekend. Lincoln por vida. xo

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