Thursday, February 14, 2013

Little Love

I have never felt more loved on Valentine's Day than this year.

I can't really tell you why. There hasn't been any grand gestures. (Not like there's a fire escape for Fredo crawl up anyhow… And he would never put flowers in his mouth. Total Germaphobe.) But the truth is, more than any other year, I am aware of the love that constantly surrounds me. I see the hand-made valentine from my grandmother, the homemade chocolate covered strawberries, the txts from friends, greetings from co-workers, the tradition of Erin's I Hate Valentine's Day mix, a catch-up with an old friend (Lizzie!), a good dinner with people I love and even sharing some quality time with a turtle all as small acts of love that I'm constantly blessed with... I'm amazed with how people show love to others.

There are, of course, many kinds of love. Romance is the one the movies go for. But by far the most pervasive love, and to me, amazing love is the one we live every day. Simple gestures. Being true to ourselves. Loving who we are. Appreciating what we have. Is. The. Bestest. Love in the movies is the captivating (hello, I will never diss a good rom-com), and maybe the only place where big gestures carry the day, but I think I've found that the small gestures is where love truly resides.

Much, much love to you this Vday (in the smallest of ways… or diamonds),



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