Friday, February 1, 2013

Burrito of Saddness

I found this picture and it made me smile. Luckily, not laugh. Right now, I can not laugh.

Unfortunately, since Sunday I've had severe abdominal pain. Yesterday, I went to the doctor and after three different office visits, and one horribly painful sonogram, I've realized I'm not dying. Apparently, my female system is a little jacked at the moment, but its treatable. And I will live. With help of modern medicine, an awesome heating wrap, my blanket, and endless check-ins from my friends and family. I will live. (I appreciate all these things more than ever right now.)

So, I'm looking forward to dopin' up and restin' up this weekend. Curling up in a blanket burrito. I'm also looking at better ways to take care of myself. Because as cheesy and cliché as it is to say, life is such a lucky, lucky gift we receive. I want to enjoy it the mostest. And, helloooo, I have to be healthy for the Puppy Bowl on Sunday.

Much love and hope you have a lovely weekend. xo

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