Wednesday, January 15, 2014


My friend Caroline, who is a life-coach, and all-around generally amazing, loving person sent me this link. Primarily, for what Danielle LaPorte says around design (round nine minute mark). Though, I also loved her thoughts on making a good life. 

As I think about what I want this year to be, the word "joy" keeps coming into my mind. And, surprisingly, apparently I already knew that... my Christmas/New Year's card was "Repeat the Sounding Joy". Funny how life has its own script.

So, I've made a little rough draft of joys I plan on partaking in // 2014 // the interiors of churches // the harlem boys & girls choir // fresh flowers in my house // checking-in with someone I haven't talked with in forever // home tours // bubble baths // opportunities to help // really enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, like really enjoying it // massages // waking up in nature // reading more memoirs // swinging // more Benefits, Times events and an awesome yoga retreat // a hair make-over // a slow closet revamp // float in a lake more //  enjoying only things in my life that are purposeful, beautiful and make me down right happy // spending time and money more mindfully // laughter, lots o

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