Friday, February 8, 2013

Riders of the Storm

I am ready for the storm. Obviously, when I say this I mean in the figurative sense. Of course I don't have the proper boots or enough food in my house, but I do have a palpable excitement and very long list of things I want to accomplish this weekend. (Finish painting that step stool! Finally order a dining room table!)

As the snow falls like it has been for the past of hours though, in this like crazy whirlwind motion, it makes me a bit anxious. I prefer the leisurely, languid flakes. This movement, the gushing and the twirling, makes want to do SOMETHING. But the problem is I'm too tired to do anything. And I feel too anxious to relax.

Instead I find myself thinking how I should really stop by Barnes n Noble on the way home or pop in quickly to Zabars before I'm "trapped inside"… Knowing full and well neither are going to happen. And likely I won't be solitary confinement for the weekend either.

The feeling of anxiousness/exhaustion is a paradox to me. Probably because it is all in the mind. Its not really real.

I just read this about the word "anxious": Anxious has a long history of use roughly as a synonym for eager, but many prefer that anxious be used solely when its subject is worried or uneasy about the anticipated event.

So let's break it down. Let's be real. I'm not worried. Or uneasy. Therefore, let's just say it. I'm eager to relax.

Happy, Happy Weekend Everyone. xo

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