Thursday, February 7, 2013

Film Nuit

Last night I prepared for hunkering down for the storm with a little at-home movie night. And the reviews are in. Celeste and Jesse Forever... Loved it. It's funny. It's depressing. It's just like a real break-up. Rent it. If you've ever had a break-up with someone you love, but just couldn't be with... you'll wish your outfits were as cute as Rashida Jones'. And I loved, loved, loved the soundtrack.

Then I also watched the Oscar nominated animated shorts. My faves were Man (my inner hippie hearted this take on consumerism), and Paperman (my inner schoolgirl with attention deficit disorder hearted this  short little rom-com).

Now, here's looking to a productive weekend at home, or more realistically, catching up on Downton Abbey and Real Housewives…

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