Thursday, March 27, 2014

Vice Versa

Coffee. Cheese. Red Wine. If you know me, you know these are on my list of favorite things... right up there with puppies, cabins, and Neil Diamond. Unfortunately, I'm saying goodbye (actually, hopefully, see-you-later) to a few of my favorite things...

Right before I left for Mexico (pics to come!), I felt the ole pelvic pangs again. Even though I wanted to ignore it, I completely knew the symptoms were the same I experienced last year. So, rather sweeping it under the rug, I decided to see if there were other options rather than trekking back into a doctor's office and an operating table. 

What I found was shocking, Endometriosis (which I still have to spellcheck, by the way), is a relatively elusive disease to treat. There still is no cure. Most women end up having multiple surgeries and stay in pain for years. And since that all sounds les mis to me, I'm going to see if, like many others, changing my diet will affect the pain.  

So there we go, with one decision (because let's face it, there's weren't a lot of options), I feel like my life is changing. Perhaps that is a tad dramatic, but truthfully food is so meaningful in my life. Its a source of exploration, joy, socialization, and comfort (sometimes perhaps not in a good way). Removing meat (not such a big thing for me), dairy (huge thing for me), caffeine, and alcohol is like taking away the very last of my vices. And while I feel like I'll still enjoy these things from time-to-time, I have to admit, I'm curious about how this will affect my day-to-day life. Already, I'm much more conscious of what is going into my body... so I guess it ain't such a bad thing. We shall see...

So, send your positive thoughts my way... and as my friend Erin is doing... imagine me singing this to cheese.


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