Friday, January 10, 2014

A Relationship Recap

So, recently (as in yesterday), I went through a break-up. Yep, I know. Part of me wonders how I arrived here again. It feels too soon to have these familiar feelings, yet they are commmmpletellly different. They are not deep, they are more self-aware. And, in all honesty, I'm so proud of myself. I allowed myself to freely and fully fall into something. It was not expected. Neither are the lessons I learned. My friend Alyssa said this to me this morning, "I hope having him out of your life doesn't weigh you down. Instead it feels like taking off a heavy winter coat. It's easier to move around and lighter." And even though its snowing outside, it feels like t-shirt weather. Its completely accurate. I feel free and lighter and part of it is because these are the lessons I learned. Hopefully, they will be of some use to you as well. xo


God brings people into your life for a reason. Always.

Be with someone who wants to work in a relationship as much as they do on their work.
Make sure the person you're with has rich, deep friendships. Being a good, committed friend means knowing how to be a good, committed partner.

"On Paper vs Real Life." A potential relationship is like the perfect dress on a hanger. Try it on. If it doesn't fit just right, it's not going to make you feel good.

You have to take care of yourself. This starts as a one-woman job, but it should be a shared joy.
If a person is not open, you will be closed off.

People communicate in the own way. Pay attention. You'll get to use senses you didn't know you had.

Faith is attractive. So is the open mind you bring to a relationship.

Appreciation, curiosity, and attraction is two way street. If you're traveling it alone, you'll feel directionless. 

People can be selfish and self-centered. Not on purpose.

Be with someone that wants to explore... Parks, new things, and aspects of the unknown.

Appeal. It's an interesting word. Think about it.

Just because you're operating on a higher frequency (emotionally, physically, socially) than someone, doesn't mean you have to dial it down. 

Relationships can be like movies. Even when over, some scenes can play over and over in your mind.

The desire for chivalry does not exclude feminists.  

Be careful about being in a relationship with someone you feel like pushes you to be better. You would never have 24/7 workout buddy.

Being with someone that likes the same things as you... the best. Being with some that thinks you're the best... Better.

In the absence of gratitude, disappointment and loneliness can be fast friends.

Seek joy.

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