Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Luck Be a Lady

Most of the time, I feel pretty lucky. Luckily, being lucky is an actively passive state. It’s an attitude and the ability to see fortune in many a' situations. Opportunities hide themselves in everyday, like clovers in a field of grass... Unless you look for the individual pieces, all you will see is green.
The book The Luck Factor studies what it means to be lucky. After 10 years of research, the author found that to a large extent, people make their own good and bad fortune—and that it is possible to enhance the amount of luck that you encounter in life. He identifies four principles that characterize “lucky people.”
1. They maximize chance opportunities. Their ability to recognize and act upon opportunities also makes them masters of creating chance opportunities.
2. They listen to their intuition. They are hypersensitive to gut-reactions and do work to boost those abilities, including meditation.
3. They expect luck. They have a mind-set that expects luck to happen which creates a sense of self-fulfilling prophecy.
4. They turn it around. They can see the positives in situations that are less than ideal.
While we cannot control the things that happen, we can dictate the reactions in those moments. So the next time I hop on the wrong train or the next time Erin misses her plane, we need to realize we were never meant to get to that destination in the first place; we were meant to see something else at that moment. 
When life begins happening with you and not to you, consider yourself lucky.

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