Monday, December 2, 2013

Slowing My Role

I find it totally crazy that Thanksgiving has past. 

This morning, as I walked to get coffee, I realized "Wow, it's winter." 

In the short amount of time I was in Florida, the trees shed the last of their leaves and now bare branches are out in full force. Soon there will no longer be bright mornings. Instead it will be dreary & freezing and I won't be able to think of a cute outfit that will keep me warm enough. This short sequence of thought actually happened. Where I went from getting coffee on the second of Dec to fictitiously getting dressed in middle of February. And it made me get that sinking feeling... that life is moving much too fast. 

So, especially in the Holiday season, where my plans are back-to-back-to-back, I need something to keep me grounded, to keep me present, and to keep from ffwding to the next moment. I thought about it. Did a couple deep breaths. And, for me, it's gratitude. Ever since I started gratitude journaling I notice things... moments, feelings, facial expressions, traffic that sounds music, a bite of a meal that reminds me of my childhood, light reflecting on someone's sunglasses...  the list is truly endless. Nothing gets past me. (Actually, there's probably a shiz ton that gets past me, but anyway...)

Even though, I'm writing this as more of a reminder to myself... I hope that you can also extend thanksgiving and gratefulness into the new year. Its a life changer. Or atleast a pretty good life preserver. 



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