Thursday, December 26, 2013

Photo Dump: Yule Times

Merry Christmas from the Mikeskas!!
(We may have done a little photoshoot with the Rotas)
So lucky to have them as part of the Christmas celebration!
Just look at those faces.
When I was little, Granny taught me O Tannenbaum in German.
How I wish I could remember it now.

Just John setting the tree on fire. No big.
Rockin' around the Christmas tree.
Because Santa's arrival is best awaited in flannel pjs, right?!
Roberto protested the lack of cookies on behalf of Santa.
Always thinking of others, that one.

Some smart gents hang around St. John The Divine
This guy is not one of them.
(though I do appreciate the tan-on-tan Walter White action
& his best Breaking Bad face)

Next year we're recreating this picture, so get ready.
Hope you had a Merry Little Christmas
(Love, Merry Little Me)

If we were lucky enough to talk with each other yesterday, I'll just let you know, I loved it. If we missed each other, I hope you and yours had a lovely, lovely day together!! Hopefully, you're not like me, sitting at work, still listening to Christmas, looking at pictures, thinking how sad you are to take down your tree. (My apt just won't be the same!) Whom am I kidding, we all know the tree take-down will not happen for another week... and I won't stop listening to Christmas music until I think someone can hear through my headphones.

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