Monday, December 16, 2013

Let's Get Real

This morning I woke up early. Not super early. Early enough to want to stay in a warm bed, but late enough to know it was going to be a bright winter day. 

As I walked to the gym, I took in West End Avenue... and thought, "I freaking love my neighborhood". From my bed and up three blocks, the world was perfect. 

But, of course, perfection isn't real and doesn't last. (A reality that I still struggle with and want to ignore.) Because as I got to the gym, they said my new membership was cancelled, which propelled a chain of events this morning that put one perfectly fine awake human being into the worst foul mood known to man. (That was last part was just for the dramatics.) (Though, side note, "Anger Running" could be the new "Emotional Eating". FYI.) So all day, I have been just cranky. And, honestly, rather enjoying it. I've happily settled into annoyance.

Sometimes, you just need to be in the mood you are in. Whether its a fleeting moment of perfection or the staggering mood of moodiness. It's all real. So, might as well enjoy it either way.


Moody Michele

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