Monday, April 16, 2012

Bright and Busy, Weekend Recap

What a lovely weekend this weekend was in the NYC! It's was busy and bright. On Friday, my friend Sarah and I went to see Leap of Faith, a new musical that opens up next week. While the play was unintentionally funny and somewhat cringe-worthy, the actors were so talented... and its always fun to see a broadway show. Also, my friend Ben told me about this pre-theater speak-easy, which was so lovely. I can't wait to share it with out of town visitors. Or just to go back and visit the bartender, Paul, who made a delightful Hendrix and tonic.

On Sat, Erin and I headed to Fort Greene. Aka "Stop It, Brooklyn, you're too cute". We had a great brunch at General Greene. Then headed to the flea market, where we didn't get any frames for BFT's tradeshow booth, but did get vintage postcards, beef jerky, some dangling earrings, and of course something with the letter, 'e'. We basically spent the day outdoors, swooning over the cutest houses, babies, and hip couples. Definitely recommend the Flea. I want to go to the Williamsburg one next, to partake in some of their delicious food vendors. Erin and I also stopped by to say hi to our friends, Jamie and Dan, who were having a bev at this cool new little spot.

Sunday was a beautiful park day. I headed over there after church, and it was packed with foreigners, half-naked people, strollers, and kites. Asti, Erin, and I had a great catch-up that keep going, and going, from the park to burgers and beers. At one point, we could not breathe we were laughing so hard. The Fat App will do it, ya.

Here's to a new week ahead... Especially, tomorrow.

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