Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Happy Secret

a little lunchtime sunshine

Well, first off, Happy National Blah, Blah, Blah Day. It's a real thing. Luckily, today isn't blah though... it's sunny, warm, and I'm wearing a pair of red pants that are anything but muted and sad. However, a couple weeks ago I was super blah and then I found this. How can you not smile at that? Or smirk, at the very least.

So, in the past few weeks with this leg injury I have been going to see the cutest acupuncturist in Manhattan. She's so sweet and also has a lot of good living tools. This morning she sent out an email that led me to this video... The Happy Secret. Ya'll, its so good. I think of myself of as a pretty happy person. However, after watching his video (twice) and then heading to lunch outside, I found myself to be more aware... and thus, a little happier. So I thought I'd share a lil o' that.

Speaking of happiness, my friend Renee and I are going to see John Cusack in the Times Talk series tonight... and I am pret-ty excited. I guessing he's talking about his creepy new movie about Edgar Allan Poe. Here's hoping for Lloyd Dobler.

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