Thursday, September 11, 2014

Photo Dump: The Best of Summer Recap

Chicago: Fam time at the Ballpark

First time at Wrigley Field!
The boys and their Aunt Marita
First and second cousins unite
(though we're missing quite a few)
Old heads.
So many pics you gots to turn it into a photoshoot.
This guy. I got his autograph.
These two people opted into this family. Brave.
Aunt Becki, I'll see you in Mexico!
Birthday gals

A Sunday Soul Stroll
Just werkin' some stats. No big.
Ferry to Annie and Mike's wedding
Hello, New Jersey!
Giant Friend Face Selfie

Just the best.

I love this time of year.
The Grandstand. Always.
Happy Birthday Kwash!
Texas: Hanging with Miss Kate
Hometown. Downtown.
Hometown. Countryside.
How can love grow so much?!

Literally one of the best garter dances.
One happy couple.
Look at her! So grown-up. Auntie Michele hearts explodes.
She loves some Aunt Jacks.
The red sunglasses I stole
from my dad's office were a big hit.

Camp friends since we were like 14.
Lisa and Anthony. It wouldn't be a summer without you.

Met Exhibit: Fig and Burgs are in town!!

I mean, we had to.

Jamie and Dan's wedding
There's a baby in there.
sibling love.
perfect day

Fourth of July: Brooklyn

Fourth of July/ World Cup Germany game, I should say

 first try. watermelon. goodness.

Feeling freedom like whoa.
this girl = sweets/sweetest
Obligatory grainy, blurry firework shot
Lookin' up
Farewell, Kev
Fridays in the park: this was my summer staple.

Symphony in the Park: Chopin and Clouds. The best.
Farm to Yoga retreat: Pawling, NY
Look at these tables!

We're in a yurt
I can't believe I passed (and enjoyed) Statistics.
My teacher reminded me of Bill Cosby, so that helped.
I will always be grateful for this.

Summer, we did well. xo

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