Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Photo Dump: Jamie's Bachelorette Weekend

Nothing like a giant cup o' tea to start a rockin' weekend.
hola, los hamptons. its good to be back.
You know I just can't help it with the patterns.
And I can't help it with the organizing.
or with pictures of water
or sky
a house lit up with laughter
hittin' up da town... (til approxiamately 10pm). Ballas.
ladies and their leopard
One of the many reasons I love her (exception: H&M mini dress)
let the festivities begin!
cinco de derby. bestest weekend.

Dance party #1

Yes way, Rosé.
Dance party #2
Dance #3
Maybe my favorite capture of the weekend.

Maybe my second favorite picture of the weekend.
Memories. xo

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