Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Photo Dump: A Memorable Memorial Day

On the road...
into the mystic
the zen den.
cabin cuteness

Coffee just tastes better when you have the perfect mug.
that little stove. lifesaver.

vignette of the weekend
I used a different plate every time.

Amurica. USA.

Giant Sweatshirt. Giant Chair.
Maybe it was the sugar? But this was the root beer.
I mean...
Sometimes hikes get postponed for good reasons.

And just like that, the wind turns.
Stream or trail? Round one.
Stream or Trail? Round Two.
It was a mighty vertical climb there for a bit.
#13 was just as evil as you would think it would be.
I'm writing a children's book in my head right now.
Fire towers. Always frightening.
I feel like hiking is a great metaphor for life. It can be uphill
and painful at times, but in the end it is always, always worth it.
Hello, Portugal! Hello, Japan!

Hiking down.
Lake life.
cloud watching

Adirondacks, I will miss you and your chairs.
End note: Old Spice Fiji smells like Palm Trees, Sunshine, and Freedom

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