Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dream A Little... Or A Lot

If anyone had to told me a year ago as I sat across from Caroline, a life coach, who was stunning, poised and perfect, that not only would I spill uncomfortable personal details to her, but one day I would have the honor of being her friend and would, in turn, spill uncomfortable personal details to her entire professional audience... well, I would have laughed. (Probably in the same way you did to that incredibly long run-on sentence I just wrote). However, here we sit... all nervously laughing. 

I started this blog in an effort to entertain myself, to open up, to be honest, and see how true I could be... no matter who was reading it. While assuredly that journey will never end, I am elevated and humbled that someone other than my mom reads it. Or to go one further, it actually resonates or connects with anyone. So, thank you for listening to the babble... even if we are related. xo


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