Monday, July 22, 2013

Out in the (Sun) Light

So, as they say, first things first. Two blogs for all of July?! Pitiful. Kerry Sweeney is so busy with wedding prep, I haven't had my usual Pusher of Posts®. Actually, I normally post to work through something, or to share things that make me happy. And, quite honestly, I guess I have just been doing that offline. However, I'm back. 

Greece was wonderful. And I'm fully re-inspired. I look at vacation as really a time to disconnect from "the things I know" and really listen to things "I know". And I feel I always come out of vacation with a little something new I want to take back into the real world. For instance, over Christmas, I loved taking a leisurely pace to get ready. It felt great to not rush my morning routine. Now, most mornings/not all, I enjoy the leisurely pace of putting on face cream and doing my make-up. And getting up a bit earlier for a walk in the park. So, here are the Greece takeaways:

– I like not checking my phone//email//Instagram. I like actually experiencing what's in front of me. So, I'm shuttin' it down every now and then. I doubt I miss anything.

– I love hippie bracelets. Tiny ones. That are simple, but fancy.

– I like reading. Not just in bed.

– I can never spend too much time on, in, or around water.

– The sooner I ease into what the reality of a situation is, the more I'll enjoy it.

– Always make time for travel.



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