Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Go Forth Free

I will be putting my anchor down in NYC for the Fourth this year. With Greece right around the corner (woot, woot!), I'm staying local and free of plans. That is, other than heading to the Mets game for "all-American" fireworks show tonight, (Thunder, I hear you. Go away!) and then the over-crowded beach tomorrow (Rockaways! Bring on the sunshine, please).

Currently, I'm fighting the urge to plan my holiday weekend out more. I always want to do this. Get things set. Know what's coming. However, that's the great thing about vacation. Who's knows what the day holds?! Perhaps life can be a bit more like vacation. So in the spirit of freedom, movement and the American dream of happiness... I'm going to embrace these concepts of freedom by Nisha Moodley!

The world needs you to be free…

Free to live creatively and courageously.
Free to travel, savor and play.
Free to create positive change in the world.
Free to experience life without restraints.
Free to focus on what’s really important to you.
Free to be yourself in business and life.
Free to reach for your desires.
Free to live full-out, today.
Free in your body, heart and mind.

Happy Freedom Day, y'all! xo


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