Thursday, October 11, 2012

Falling into it

My friend Kerry totally called me out today... Why haven't I been posting on the good ole blog?! Well, to be fair. I've been lazy. 

With Fall in full swing, I can already tell that all systems are shutting down. And I'm assuming when I get my new sofa (on Sat!!!), it will be full hibernation mode from there. 

I'm only half-kidding. I will not totally resign from life (its nacho/college football season). But I will retreat a bit. I love how Fall is a time for slowing down and giving moments for reflection. Fall reminds me of my first year out of college, and the excitement of living in Boston...of my childhood, playing in the neighborhood and going to UT football games... living in North Carolina, experiencing the leaves changing. And, in New York, the magic of crisp mornings where it feels like there is endless potential and excitement.

Even though, I dread the crazy closet turnover, the daily confusion on how to layer my outfits... and consequently never being dressed appropriately, I'm looking forward to the changes Fall brings. More books, more time with friends, more apples, more outdoors and a bit more time to appreciate to every thing there is a season...

Doin' it:


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