Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo Dump: Bissell's Birthday

Early mo'rnin JFK
Texas our Texas!!
Because all enchiladas should have onions on top...

Lake lovin'
"The Reliable Wife". It's a good read.
Pizza Bar toppings

We ended up making eight different pizzas. So delicious. And exhausting.
Dinner prep.

Fall, y'all.
Ready to party. I loved how the flowers came out and how the napkins were so Bissell.
Biz decided to wear every present that she could.

Breakfast tacos. The bestest.
Spice shopping at Central Market. #overload.
Gah, I do love this city.
There was one good thing about my flight delay. The Sunset.
(And the one final round of queso at the airport).

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