Monday, September 17, 2012

Sail On Down the Line

On Saturday, I hopped the train out to Long Island to sail The Sound with Mark and Tim.
It was the perfect Fall weekend. Sunny, crisp, lots of laughter.

Mark and I played the game "Name the Boat."
Favorite out of the lot: The Sea-Word. Thank you, Arrested Development. Never gets old.

Last time I was out, we had this amazing Tzatziki.
After eating about, oh, about a pound of it this trip, I literally couldn't take one more bite.
Force feed Tzatziki still tastes quite delish, though.
El Capitán. El Capitán.
Sail on, honey

Oh, hey, Creepy Lionel Richie.
Dreadlocks in the making.
Lovely Saturday, indeed. xo

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