Thursday, September 27, 2012

UWS: Two Sides to Every Coin

Its been exactly a week since waking up in my new apartment. Its so strange how one week can change your perspective. My first night last week was overwhelmingly strange and sad. Granted Erin came over and my new BFF/broker Melissa dropped by with some house warming goodies (Champagne, take-out menus, and vitamin water. So nice). But the overall feeling was fear. "This place is too big for just me." "This place is too nice for me." "Did I make the right move?" I know these may sound like trite worries, but I couldn't shake this feeling of loneliness either. I no longer had a small space with stuff surrounding me. It was so open and foreign.

In just one week though I've fallen in love with my new space. And the strangeness, the sadness of moving on, and the loneliness has subsided. It is a real home. Its my new home! It has already been filled with friends, family (yeah, the rents were in town), and lots of laughter. My new neighborhood is the best. I've already met neighbors, found my go-to yoga studio, my go-to pub, the famous Zabar's cheese counter, and a nice morning run/walk route in the park.

It's kinda amazing how creating more space, new space in my life with its risks and messiness has created more space, new space in my head and heart. Noted, Life. Noted.

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  1. Just remember: Like they say in Texas, and with hair, slices of cheese, and glasses of wine: Bigger is always better!