Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Year Thirty-Two

It was a big a year! And I am so grateful for it. Here's to what I learned, don't want to forget,
and am lucky enough to see: 

Everything happens for a reason. Everything.

Sometimes bad can go to worse, to worstest. 

It's at the bottom, you find the foundation to build. 

Hurting someone hurts. But guilt does nothing... even when played on a loop. 

Salt water... Sweat, tears, or the ocean helps a myriad of problems.

Your capacity to love... yoga, family, friends, traveling, nature, and yourself... is surprisingly infinite. 

Change happens.

Hosting Christmas makes you feel more Christmasy... And adulty. 

Hustle as much a you flow. 

Pain, once it's over, is a service. 

Snow storms are great for studying. 

Everyone you meet is a teacher. 

You will find pine needles well past Christmas, just deal with it. 

You can finish a college course in a month. (Twice.)

You can survive without cheese, alcohol, meat, and sugar...
and discover you rather like eating vegetables more than anything else. Who knew.

You could possibly like tzatziki more than queso???

The deepest, richest joy is found in fulfilling your purpose.

You can, in fact, continue to find the most unique ways of breaking your phone. 

Remember how good it feels to clean out your closet.... wear fun lipstick...
rock some crazy beach hair... and listen to a song on repeat until you can't stand it anymore.

Remember: In good times and bad, this too shall pass. 

Remember: It's not about you. 

Remember: Don't doubt yourself. 

Remember: With breathe and a gratitude, life moves. 

Look out for metaphors about life. 

Entertain the daydreams.

Stroll with the best playlist. 

Just look at the facts. 

Power comes in letting things go that don't align, serve, or fulfill you. 

Some relationships will never ever leave you because they changed you so deeply.
It's not bad to wonder about and miss that person, you loved them. 

With awareness, comes magic. And it's so cool. 

It may have taken you 32 years, but when you feel you connected to yourself and everything around you in the deepest way you've known, you know you're part of something greater... And that is bliss. 


To a new year ahead... xo

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