Monday, June 10, 2013

Leapin' Lizzards

When I was little, I remember love, lovin', loving me some Annie. In fact, floating somewhere out there is a cassette tape of me singing "Tomorrow" for my Aunt Barb. (I'm sure its pretty scary.) And while musical theater never did turn out to be my passion, I've continued to love musicals.

This year one of my new year's intentions was committing to more creative endeavors. I've seen some great lectures (on Thurs I saw an endearing interview with Oscar de la Renta) and exhibits (loved El Anatsui), but by far my favorite medium has been the theater. There is nothing quite like the theater. Its palpable. The energy. The talent. The alive-y-ness.

On Friday night, my mom, her friend Sue, and I went to go see Matilda. And even though my friend Ben will disagree... I think it was my favorite of "the holy trinity of musicals" this year (Kinky Boots, Matilda, and Pippin). Oh, man I did love Pippin, though.  Can it be a tie? Its a tie, then. Go see both.

But by far the most exciting thing I've seen this year was the opening number of the Tonys. Sunday morning we arrived at Radio City Music Hall for the dress rehearsal to a line that snaked around to St. Patricks. As we were standing in line, my friend Ben texted that we had missed the opening act. I was kinda bummed. But as someone who has free tickets, you can really only indulge that pity party for so long. Then, magically, (swear it was magical) this lady asked who in line was a sponsor… and just like that, we were whisked away to the VIP entrance. Just in time to make it to our seats for the opening number. I feel honored and so grateful that I was able to see this in person. It's one for the book, y'all. Had to share…

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