Monday, January 5, 2015


Breathe in the world
exhale your knowing

Drink the experience
the wonder of growing

Follow the path
without footprints or signs

Leading to nowhere
into the sublime

Find the amazing
in everyday living

Take a bit less
spend more on giving

Faces and places
are not what they seem

A dire situation?
or a cloak o’er your dream?

Always and never
two words best not spoken

Truth and commitment
the circle unbroken

Why and because
are but one in the same

For it’s not about winning
But to celebrate the game

Stardust and artists
and all mortal men

All cut from the cloth
of forever and again

We come to awaken
to dance in the fire

To shine like a beacon
uplift and inspire

Some come with a message
the whole world will embrace

Some make not a ripple
and leave without trace

But we’re not measured in assets
of mortar and brick

In the end you will know
your life’s measuring stick

What judgement may come
in that light from beyond

Might ask in the moment,
of what were you most fond?

Was it love, was it laughter
or your baby’s first cry?

Did I give enough clues
did you know you could fly?

Though there’s no right or wrong
please do give it your best

For that thought you’ve been thinking
yes, it’s all been a test

For you came from eternity’s heavenly shores
but we sent you back here to complete all your chores

It may take several lifetimes
10,000 at least

‘Till that day when you’re ready
to forego this feast

When the fates have decided
no more lessons need learning

You will wake up one day
with an insatiable yearning

But fear not this journey
that your heart must now roam

It’s only Me calling…calling you home

by Mark Hermann

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