Thursday, July 24, 2014

That Toddling Town

So, in an couple of hours, I'll be in the air on the way to my second hometown. I could not be more excited to hang with the fam! We're going to hit up some of the ole haunts, but also have some exploring to do. (As one of my cousins put it... 'So much food, so little time.') 

While I love Chicago, I think I'm most excited to spend time with my family and some of our oldest family friends. (I remember going to cocktail parties with these people when I was eye-level to their cocktail rings.) At our peak, there will be 15 or so of us rolling into Wrigley Field. So, guaranteed: at some point in the weekend, there will be a good family story I wish I hadn't heard...and hopefully lots of fun pics (and stories) to come!

Whatever kind of trouble you find yourself getting into this weekend, make sure you have a great soundtrack in your head while doing it. Loves! xo

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