Thursday, August 22, 2013

In the Land of Awe

Sometimes days just surprise me. The turns they take. 

This day started out with my normal morning routine. Normal enough. Then a jolt to the system! The skies opened up. Rain flew down! And then I stepped into a un-airconditioned subway car. For a moment, when I couldn't decifer what was sweat and what was rain, I thought, "I hate this city." Seriously, sometimes it can be as miserable as our mayoral candidates.

So after a turbulent morning, I decided do a little namasting at lunch. In Yoga Mike's absence, the owner of the studio was our teacher. There were four people in the class. (Thanks Rain and Humidity for the small class size!) He announced he was going to be hands on. He arranged, adjusted, rearranged and critiqued. And as I was flowing from one posture to another, dripping sweat everywhere, and he was making his adjustments, I remembered how I fell in love with yoga in the first place. There is always something to learn. It was exciting. Then, something happened that I've never done before. I was in postures I had never been in before. In a flying crow. In headstand variations. My arms supporting me, my legs in the air. And my mind like "Holy shizballs. I. can't. believe. this." 

I tell you this for two reasons: 

ONE. Because the past couple of weeks have been really hard. I mean, knock-down (literally), tear-jerkin' hard. And I effin' need to celebrate. Don't we all when we are in these times>!

SECONDLY. After two years of practice, I surprised myself. Re-energized and blessed. And I realized I think life is a lot like this. So let's just roll with it. There's going to be a point (another one, because we've all had a lot already), where we just stop and say "No way?!! This is awesome."  

So here's to awesomeness, in every sense of the word. xo

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