Monday, May 13, 2013

Photo Dump: Alyssa and Tom's Wedding!

Dreary Day on the Hudson. Though, I do think this is very Rothko-esque.

The Thayer Hotel

They's married!

Anne and Clayton, please move to NYC

This pic is so blurry. But it makes me so happy I hardly even care.

I love these faces.

Tom's bagpiper troupe. Holy goose bumps.
I literally danced my shoes off.
Tour of Westpoint

Westpoint Chapel

Largest pipe organ in the US. 23,511 pipes.
Only four organists have ever played it.
Sunny, shining Sunday faces.

I was really trying to have a breakdown.
On the corner of Homestead and Main.
Waitin' on the rails.
Hudson, I love you.
Because who doesn't love clouds?!

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