Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!!

When I graduated from college, my friend Leah and I traveled to Europe. While we were in London, we saw this exhibit, which to this day stills moves me. The images then (above) were large scale. I remember feeling dwarfed by not just the size but the feeling of humility in realizing my place in earth. Just one tiny facet. I still feel that way, and I think that is one part of why I love traveling so much. But now, I think more than ever, I have a greater appreciation for what the earth gives to us. Consistently. And graciously.

So, I'm about to let my inner hippie all out. And I hope at the end of this soapbox sesh, you'll let out a "Preach!" like a Tyler Perry character would and not roll your eyes. It's just that I know we can do more. In simple ways. I worked on some advertising for the Times for the documentary Trashed. Check it out here. It's amazing. I realized though I may only be one tiny facet on this earth, I can generate some sort of trash in one short week. (I observed it). 

I hope this Earth day that I can keep a pledge to maintain a closer eye on my choices, the products, the packaging, the food I buy. To look at ways to reduce the amount of waste I consume. Ask questions on the biodegradability. Because really Earth does so much for us, we should a little in return. 

Word to yo' Mother... (Earth).


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